Xemplar Drive

A smartphone telematics app that helps businesses track their fleet drivers and enhance fleet safety without expensive hardware.


Xemplar Insights



Save 20%
per driver, monthly
Smartphone-Based Telematics

1 month free service with a subscription.

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 driver and Larger
Fleet Segments
Mixed Fleets
Vehicle Classes
Heavy Duty

Features & Benefits

Monitor high risk Driving Behaviors
Automatically capture Trips, Stops, and Routes driven
Analyze Driving Behavior in Dashboards and Reports
Report Accident details with Photo, Video, and Audio attachments
Review Trip history and Daily logs
Encourage safer driving with Safety Campaigns
Message drivers with native app Notifications


Smartphone-based telematics automatically analyzes the fleet’s driving habits and creates self-awareness of high risk driving behaviors.

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Why Buy Xemplar Drive?
• Smartphone telematics, zero hardware needed.
• No long term commitments, cancel anytime.
• Monitor & track high risk driving behaviors.
• View stops and routes driven.
• Assign work and tasks to app users.
• Motivate drivers with safe driving incentives.
• Private deployment option available with custom branding and integrations.

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