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Temperature Monitoring

Cold chain temperature monitoring solution to ensure your fleet stays in compliance with FSMA regulations and best practices.


Asset Tracking



Recurring costs
Save 20%
per vehicle, monthly
One-time costs
Hardware Temperature Monitor Base
$169.00 / vehicle

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
5 vehicles and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes


Cold Chain Compliancy
Temperature monitoring is essential to help fleets transport food, pharmaceutical, and other sensitive deliveries to avoid waste and fines. Didcom's Temperature Monitoring helps keep the cold chain under control and ensures you stay in compliance with laws and best practices.

Trip Logs and Records
With Didcom technology, fleets can collect detailed data during the entire trip enabling full supervision of the cold chain, reducing risk, and helping ensure return on investment.

• Kits available for up to 4 temperature DSI sensors
• Monitor and adjust the temperatures as needed
• Immediate data insights
• Ensures delivery quality
• Reduction of fuel consumption when monitoring the unit operating status
• Alert configuration for the monitoring center and the driver
• Reduced health liability and risks from consumers

Features & Benefits

Detailed logs and records for cold chain trip data
Customized rules and notifications settings
Elimination of costs from deterioration claims
GPS integration
Minimum maintenance needed
Eliminate fees and costs from cargo waste/loss
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