PRO-TREAD Online Training for CDL Drivers

Mastery-based training and a simple-to-use learning management system to assign courses, report progress, and access training records.


Instructional Technologies, Inc.


Driver Training

Recurring costs
Save 5%
per driver, monthly
One-time costs
Initiation and set up
$300.00 / driver

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
4 drivers and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes
Heavy Duty

Features & Benefits

140+ Courses: Focused on CDL and commercial drivers, and includes injury prevention and regulatory training.
Mobile App: Incredibly simple app for iOS and Android that lets drivers access assigned training in two clicks.
Record-Keeping and Reporting: All training progress and completion data kept, making reporting and audits painless.
Orientation Programs: Need help building your new-hire training? We’ll provide curriculum advice and can host your content.
Scheduled Assignments: Set your training plan literally years in advance, then just check on compliance.


What’s the one thing every one of your crashes and injuries have in common? One of your drivers.

Reduce Crashes and Injuries
Your drivers’ mindset and alertness are critical to safety, and nothing affects those things more than regular and effective training that teaches drivers new skills and makes them more alert.

Better MPG & Less Wear-and-Tear
The results go beyond reducing crashes and injuries. Better trained drivers get better MPG. Their equipment shows less wear-and-tear.

Reduce Your Liability and Risk
With PRO-TREAD’s mastery-based approach, you have documented proof your drivers have understood each topic in a course. In the event of legal issues or a DOT audit, your training records provide a lot of protection against negligence.

Ensure Records for DOT Audits and Legal Matters
The four horsemen of the safety department — crashes, injuries, lawsuits and DOT audits — are all less intimidating when you have good training records. That means being able to prove not only that an employee took the course, but that they mastered the content.

Pre-Program Training Plan: Set ‘Em and Forget ‘Em
PRO-TREAD runs on the Sentix Pro platform, which saves you time by letting you set up training programs based on groups of people and groups of lessons. If you want to adopt a one-size fits all approach, you can. Or you can easily schedule a year of quarterly (or monthly) training in advance. You can pre-program an onboarding plan for new hires. You can have remedial training ready to assign after close calls.

Deploy Based on Your Needs
You’re armed with a training library that you can deploy to specific jobs, locations, or divisions within your fleet.

Combat the Most Driving Issues in the Modern World
ITI noticed there were major modern problems that most defensive driving programs missed - rushing, distractions, urban driving, and parking lots - just to name a few. So PRO-DEFENSE was born: an 8-course defensive driving suite to work around the most common modern problems faced by commercial drivers.

Train Anywhere, Any Time, With Mobile Training
The Sentix Pro app for iOS or Android allows your drivers to take their assigned courses anywhere they have a signal. The convenience of finishing a short topic or two while they wait for a load, or after their lunch break improves, your fleet’s completion percentage.
● Tracks progress, even when switching devices
● Mobile-optimized video files won’t make a dent in most data plans
● Apple iOS or Google Android native apps
● Also works on most mobile browsers
● Keeps driver signed in
● One-click launch of training

Easy Training & Tracking of Progress
Sentix Pro provides training records that are easy to access. And because PRO-TREAD courses are mastery-based, you can prove drivers understood all the key points.

PRO-TREAD Training Promotes Safety
Surveys of drivers show that, time and time again, they prefer online training, and that PRO-TREAD is effective. When given the option between in-person training and taking online training, 96% of drivers in a survey said they’d prefer online training. Time is the most valuable asset your company has: don’t make drivers come in for a training session if they don’t need to!

Drivers Recommend PRO-TREAD Training
In a recent survey of 4,000+ drivers, 93% would recommend the PRO-TREAD online truck driver training to fellow CDL drivers. And 95% agreed that the PRO-TREAD heavy duty truck training would make the company and themselves safer.

More Than 140 Complete Courses
The ITI catalog includes every course topic a fleet could need, from DOT regulations to defensive driving. And, if you get stumped, it’s easy to search Sentix Pro for topics you can assign quickly.
• 8-course defensive driving program
• DOT and FMCSA regulations like hours of service
• Best practices like pre-trip inspections
• Common problems: backing, docking, intersections
• Habit-breakers: speed and space, road rage
• Performance improvement: customer service and MPG


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