PressurePro Pulse FX

Innovative, advanced TPMS, in a BYOD package, to arm your fleet with the real time tire performance data needed to add safety and savings to you operations.


PressurePro TPMS


Maintenance & Diagnostics

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 vehicle and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes

Features & Benefits

24/7 Monitoring
5 fully customizable alerts
Fully configurable layouts and alerts
Push notifications & FX warning light
Guided installation and use
Unit naming and storage (up to 5 units)
Integrated 12v or 24v conversion
40+ tire capacity at 8-215 psi range


An advanced TPMS solution that leverages your existing smartdevices – and PressurePro’s comprehensive Connect software platform – to arm your fleet with real-time tire performance data needed to add safety and savings to you operations.

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Why Buy PressurePro Pulse FX?
• Leverage existing smart devices as the display for 24/7 monitoring.
• Wireless real-time tire performance data with in-cab viewing.
• CAN and RS232 capabilities.
• Alerts for low/high pressure, high temperature, fast leak, cross axle.
• Sensors read tire pressure every 7 seconds (12,343 times a day).
• Transmits coded RF signals to the display every 5 minutes.
• Automated data logging software included.
• Use stand-alone or integrated with existing fleet management platforms.

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