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HD Fleet Camera & Video Management - 4G

Cloud-based HD video management solution with the ability to upload video via either Wi-Fi access or 4G connectivity.


Cameras & ADAS



Recurring costs
Save 20%
per vehicle, monthly
One-time costs
DR-200 DVR with 4G + Accessories/Recording Road, Driver
$595.00 / vehicle + shipping

For volume pricing contact us

Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 vehicle and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes
Heavy Duty


Video is the best way to protect your fleet from false claims, but this is entirely dependent on:
● the quality of the recordings
● the simplicity of the video management process
● the reliability of the partner/vendor

We’re proud to say that Pro-Vision nailed all three, earning us 99.6% customer satisfaction.

Wi-Fi Enabled Data Access
Rest easy knowing you can easily upload and access your videos and data to your server or the cloud, whenever and wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection (and 4G alternative is available!). Whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi, your device will send up event-based videos to your portal. For non-event based video, you can easily track down specific footage by date and time.

HD Footage to Manage False Claims
The DR-200 Records 1080p High-Definition resolution, on both adjustable built-in cameras, and on an optional third camera. HD quality recordings and simplified video management processes will protect your fleet from false claims.

175 Degree Field-of-View
Not all accidents happen directly in front of the vehicle. That’s why we designed both built-in cameras to capture a 175 degree field-of-view, providing better coverage to ensure crucial events aren't missed.

We use the latest night vision technology to provide a brighter picture, wider view, and longer range, even in total darkness.

Simplified Storage & Data Security
No more searching through hard drives or endless file structures to find what you need! Our system integrates with SecuraMax, a reliable, simple, and secure video management solution that keeps all of your video automated and securely stored in one location. With cloud or local storage options, the CJIS compliant system allows for quick access of video whenever needed, and you can easily share video via email.

Playback Software
Videos are stamped and metadata is saved with GPS Coordinates. Use the Pro-Vision playback software to watch video and see GPS location on a map simultaneously.

We recognize that no solution is one-size-fits all. That’s why we take the time to understand your business and your unique challenges to determine if our DR-200 drive recorder is the right solution for you.

Lifetime Support
With every product sold, we provide free lifetime tech support and an industry-leading warranty.


Features & Benefits

4G support with live images captured per second in real time
Built-in GPS Playback software to watch video and see GPS location on a map simultaneously.
Automatic Wireless Upload of files when a vehicle gets within Wi-Fi range.
Pre- and Post-Event Recording to give videos context.
Custom Event Trigger inputs to mark video for quick review.
G-Force Sensor detects excessive acceleration, braking or cornering, for quick review.
Lockable File Storage with encrypted file transfer, storage & sharing
Autonomous Audit Trails & Usage Reports
Automatically Download and Clear Video Files
Remote Deployment Assistance
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