Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) Savings

Save 15-52% on ERS through the trucking industry’s largest network of emergency roadside repair, towing, and maintenance professionals.


BigRig Savings App, powered by CrownSource


Maintenance & Diagnostics

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 vehicle and Larger
Fleet Segments
Trucking, Specialty Fleet
Vehicle Classes
Class 7-8

Features & Benefits

Industry’s first savings mobile app designed to connect owner-operators and fleets up to 100 trucks to top-tier pre-negotiated prices and reduced event fees on emergency roadside services.
Delivers you a fast, agile, and proven solution, through our partner TTN Fleet Solutions, the largest and strongest network of on-demand transportation maintenance solutions - emergency roadside repair, towing, and scheduled maintenance professionals.
Ensure accuracy by auditing every invoice managed through the App.
We reach most breakdowns, anywhere in the U.S., within approximately 45 minutes, often less. We lower costs by eliminating phone calls and immediately connecting with service providers with whom we’ve already negotiated the industry’s lowest rates. Typically, we have our clients’ vehicles back on the road within less than two hours.


Save 15-52% by gaining quick & easy access to 'On-Demand' transportation maintenance solutions wherever you are, through the trucking industry’s largest network of emergency roadside repair, towing, and maintenance professionals.

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Why Buy CrownSource?

• Because owner operators and small-to-medium sized fleets (97.5% of companies) lack buying power to negotiate top-tier 'national account' discount pricing programs on their own. Large fleet companies (>250 power units) have buying power, but most struggle to maximize savings due to a lack of time, expertise, and technology needed to streamline, standardize, and automate a proven procurement best-practice process to overcome the challenges caused by multiple buyers, locations, and suppliers.

• CrownSource is a leader in delivering a variety of proven savings solutions to trucking and specialty fleet transportation companies. Our mission is to make it quick, easy, and convenient for companies to get connected to exclusive, ready-to-access cost savings by streamlining, standardizing, and automating your purchasing through the industry’s most innovative technology solutions.

• As a Group Purchasing Organization, we utilize the aggregated buying power of our customer network to negotiate deeply discounted with dozens of market-leading manufacturers and suppliers on behalf of owner-operators and small-to-medium sized fleets. These exclusive ‘National Account’ pricing programs are ready-to-access through the free BigRig Savings App, found on the Apple and Google Play Stores, and the Crown Marketplace, an eCommerce solution.

• As a Procurement Advisory Company, we utilize our decades of procurement best-practice experience and expertise improve a large fleet (>250 power units) trucking and specialty fleet transportation company’s procurement and accounts payable processes. We connect these sized companies to our exclusive, ready-to-access ‘National Account’ pricing programs, as well as customize pricing programs which best meet the needs of a company. All discount programs are hosted on our Crown Marketplace, a state-of-the-art eCommerce & Procure-to-Pay software solution.

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