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Driver Technologies

Driver Dash Cam App

​The Driver App turns your phone into an AI-powered dash cam. All of your videos are synced to the cloud, for easy access and sharing.


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Driver Technologies

Recurring costs
per driver, monthly

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 driver and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes


We are Driver Technologies, Inc. and we’re introducing the next generation of mobility safety starting with Driver™, the app that turns your phone into an AI-powered dash cam.

A Focus on Drivers
Whether you're a professional (rideshare, trucking, delivery) or a regular driver, the Driver™ app is made for you. Powered by next-generation AI & insights on traffic behavior, we’re advancing technology in forward collision detection, roadside assistance, gas rewards, driver coaching, and more.

Forget About Expensive Hardware
Today, a good standalone dash cam can easily set you back $100 and forward collision alert systems cost as much as $2,500! With Driver™, not only do you get a free dash cam with safety alerts, you also get the ability to view and share your trips instantly through your phone in the event of an incident.

Driving With Driver™
Achieve peace of mind on the road. Driver™ is fully integrated with your car’s OS, e.g. Apple CarPlay to provide a hands-free & distraction-free driving experience.

Video First
View videos directly on your phone complete with accompanying data from your trip. Have everything you need immediately when you need them the most.

Features Include:
• Video
• Cloud Storage
• Safety Alerts
• Telematics
• Location
• Privacy
• Roadside Assistance
• Gas Rewards

Want Video for your Fleet? Turn your company’s existing smartphones into dashcams, or work with Driver to outfit your team with new iPhones.


Features & Benefits

Unlimited Dual-Camera HD Video Recording
Forward Collision Alerts
Record Audio
Screensaver Mode
Driver Score
Access recordings directly in Driver™
Trim & share data enriched videos via email, text, etc
Auto-delete videos after set number of days
Cloud Storage
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