Companion+ Telematics

Applied Driving’s latest innovative product which integrates directly with existing telematics and camera solutions to analyze driver performance and mitigate potential risk autonomously.


Applied Driving


Driver Behavior

per driver, monthly
Driver Training
1-month free trial of Applied Driving’s eLearning modules for drivers, for maximum of 50 users.

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
1 driver and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes

Features & Benefits

Utilizing existing telematics/camera data and service
Costs savings from reduced incidents and claims
Increased detection accuracy
Quick onboarding and driver adoption
Improved driver performance
Enhanced driver safety culture


Understanding where drivers are at-risk helps only if you know what to do about it. Companion+ Telematics delivers our Triggered Training to support drivers to adopt safe driving habits, specific to their uniquely identified risks.

As driving events are detected, event data and camera footage is transmitted to Applied Driving for analysis. Companion+ then automatically analyzes this data to identify insights and create tailored actions. Triggered Training™ is then issued in the form of a safety message, safety video or online training module to help support and improve your driver’s performance.

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Exclusive FREE trial when submitting a "FREE TRIAL" request from Protective: 1-month free trial of Applied Driving’s E-Learning modules for up to 50 drivers!

Why Buy Companion+ Telematics?
• Cost savings from reduced incidents, claims and premiums.
• Integrates directly into existing telematics and dashcam systems.
• Utilizes your existing systems to generate actionable insights for your drivers.
• No manager interventions.
• Data can be used for logistics and route optimization.
• Existing clients have benefited from a 96% reduction in at-risk events.

• Starting from $3/month per driver

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