AssetPack Hybrid

Asset tracking and sensor monitoring solution that provides cost-effective, 24/7 connectivity regardless of location and power source.


AssetLink Global


Asset Tracking

Recurring costs
Save 20%
per asset, monthly
One-time costs
AssetPack Hybrid Unit
$450.00 / asset + shipping
Multi-Network Activation
$35.00 / asset
Asset Tracking with 2-way communication

2 months free service with a subscription.

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Who it's for

Fleet Size
5 assets and Larger
Fleet Segments
Vehicle Classes
Heavy Duty

Features & Benefits

Dual-mode satellite and cellular connectivity with least-cost routing algorithm
Advanced CPU & memory for localized data processing, with 2-way communication technology
Power sensors with an integrated 7-10 solar powered battery service life
On-board geofencing for immediate arrival and departure alerts
Intrinsically Safe for HAZLOC and HAZMAT
Scales up transmission frequency in cellular coverage, saves money by transmitting less in satellite zones
Baseline fleet user plans offer cellular tracking every 15 minutes, with a cost-saving transition to every three hours in satellite. Other plans are available.
Optimal total cost of ownership based on gold standard worldwide satellite service


A cost-effective asset-tracking and sensor monitoring solution, combining satellite and cellular two-way communication for un-powered fleet assets, including trailers and containers.

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2 months of free service with an annual subscription!

Why Buy Assetlink Global?
• 24/7 connectivity regardless of location and power availability.
• Dual-mode satellite and cellular connectivity with least-cost routing algorithm.
• High latitude coverage with auto-adjusting transmission rates based on sunlight.
• Power sensors directly with an integrated 7-10 service life solar battery.
• 2-way communication technology.
• Hardware is self-contained, waterproof and ruggedized.

• $22.50/month per asset
• $450 per device cost + $35 one-time activation fee per device

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