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Axiom Product Administration

Flexible, month-to-month key and roadside assistance subscription for heavy trucks.
LifeSaver for Fleets

LifeSaver Mobile

The LifeSaver solution changes the culture of distracted driving in your fleet by automatically detecting drives and blocking cell phone use during the drive, all without adding additional hardware.
Predictive Coach

Predictive Coach, Inc.

Predictive Coach is patented software that uses telematics data to monitor driver behavior and automatically assign driver training based on actual driving behavior.


End-to-end distracted-driving solution that ensures the smartphone screen is locked while driving.

MAGTEC Products, Inc.

Speed management requires more than just reports. SafeSpeed allows you to actually control the speed of your fleet vehicles and prevent speeding before it occurs.
ZonePro ADAS

Zone Defense

ZonePro ADAS solution is a dashboard camera which provides drivers with AI-powered, real-time, actionable, voice prompts to change driving behavior and reduce accidents.
DrivActiv Heavy-Duty

Driving Dynamics

A library of 20-30 minute safety lessons for drivers who operate heavy-duty vehicles.
DrivActiv iSight

Driving Dynamics

DrivActiv iSight™ is a smartphone-based telematics service dedicated to driver safety.
Infinit-I Workforce Training

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

Online digital learning management system designed to create behavioral changes in fleet drivers.
PRO-TREAD Online Training for CDL Drivers

Instructional Technologies, Inc.

Mastery-based training and a simple-to-use LMS mean busy fleet managers can schedule and assign courses, report on progress, and access training records.
JOBehaviors Predictive Hiring


Pre-employment assessments proven to predict which applicants will retain and perform at a high level, while allowing carriers to avoid high safety risks.


App-based telematics solution that gamifies safe driving, eliminates distracted driving, and delivers actionable insight on fleet risk.
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